Learn to Free-Motion Quilt. Check.

by jennifer

I finished my first free-motion quilting foray this evening! Yippee! It feels really good to be at this stage. It’s not perfect, but I’m glad I decided to quilt it myself. It was a risky move, but so worth it. It’s been really great to discuss the progress of this quilt with Abby everyday. Tomorrow, I’ll work on the binding, which will be comprised of bits of all the prints used to frame the embroidered blocks. (Thanks to those who commented for helping me decide.)

Today we had a little photo shoot at the dining room table because this collaboration between Abby and I will soon appear in print. Abby was drawing with crayons in her sketchbook while Amelia “helped” me sew. While waiting for the photographer to arrive, the girls pulled two dining room chairs up to the front window so they could “listen to the rain better” while they colored with crayons. I like listening to the rain, too, so I thought that was great. However, it’s way more fun to listen to two little girls discuss the sound of rain and ask to open more windows to “turn it up.”


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