Cleansing the Palate with A Little Crochet

by jennifer

crochet-vase.jpgAren’t these crocheted vases cute? I just got my hands on a copy of “Uncommon Crochet” by Julie Armstrong Holetz and this vase pattern spoke to me. The design is clever in that you place a plastic tube inside so you can use them to display flowers. I love fresh flowers and can’t wait to pair fresh blooms with crocheted vases. I’m sure I’ll be blogging more about this delightful book in the future. Julie, thanks so much for the inspiration. We should totally chat sometime…

I guess I needed a short break from Abby’s “Happy Monster” quilt, especially after yesterday’s goof. I’m going to to a little more stitching tonight before I hit the hay. I’ll be so relieved when I’m sitting outside in the swing hand stitching the binding in place. That’s one of my favorite parts of this process.

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