My Little Meatheads

by jennifer

I stitched the crayon holster onto Abby’s “Meathead Hat” today and she filled it up with crayons immediately, put it on and grabbed her sketchbook. I was tickled by her response because she’s not this enthused about everything I make her.

When presented with the Elmo smock she said: “Uh, I think that’s for Ameila.”

While looking rather forlorn modeling the pillowcase dress, she said: “Can I put some regular clothes on now?”

So, yes, the fact that she was happy to put on an elfish hat and wear it in the house while sketching was a big kick for me. Nevermind that it’s April and too warm for this hat. Amelia asked where her hat was, so I whipped another one up in about an hour. (Today is my day off and the dishes are dirty in the sink. That’s how I find time to craft, folks.) I still have to make the crayon pocket for Amelia’s hat, but she seems to like it already. So this pattern passed the kids test and gets two sticky thumbs up from CraftSanity’s junior product testers.

This pattern that I keep rambling on about is from the book “Knitalong.” And some of you are probably starting to think I’m on commission for the authors given the way I’m pushing this pattern so hard. But I’m not. I just think this pattern is super cute and fun to knit and think you should try it. Download the Meathead pattern for free and see what you think.

Note: The pattern calls for two strands of Brown Sheep Lamb’s Pride Bulky held together, but I used Lion Brand’s Wool-Ease Thick & Quick and was pleased with the result. I might try to knit my next “Meathead” in the round to increase the speed and eliminate the need for sewing up the seam. Oh boy, it looks like authors, Larissa and Martin John Brown, have created a monster by releasing this pattern into my world! It’s fun and addictive. I’m in serious trouble. I suspect it’s only a matter of time before all the little kids in my family have one of these.

And here’s your friendly reminder. I’m giving away a copy of “Knitalong” so listen to the podcast and add your comment below the episode 76 post to get in the random drawing for the book. The deadline is tomorrow. (April 26.)


I’m so glad my little meatheads like their hats. This made my day. I know, it doesn’t take much. : )

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