Baby Steps Toward My Free-Motion Foray

by jennifer


I put the darning foot on my Janome and busted out with a little free-motion quilt action this afternoon. Wow, that was fun. Seriously, I really wish I would have tried this sooner. I have some more practice stitching to do before I will commence stitching on Abby’s “Happy Monster” quilt, but I’m starting to believe that I might actually pull this off. And, yes, I do realize this is probably not the best quilt to test my free-motion skills on, but I’m an impatient woman and motivated by a deadline that I will explain soon in more detail.

Tonight I ironed the quilt back. Tomorrow I plan to baste the quilt sandwich together and we’ll see when I work up the nerve to quilt it. (Hopefully, this weekend.)

Thanks to those of you who posted helpful free-motion quilting advice. I found it very helpful. Your support has made me feel a little more confident about this craft risk I’m about to take. I’ll give you a full report on how it all shakes out. I’ll be ready to quilt this thing as soon as I settle on how I’m going to work the stitching around the embroidered pieces. Right now the plan quilt up to the printed borders and leave the embroideries alone.

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