Quilting With A Pro

by jennifer


Here’s a sneak peek at my new quilt. I’m very excited I am about this. I pieced this super easy “stash quilt” last Friday night and so happy to see how cool it’s shaping up with the help of a local longarm quilter.

Here’s the back story: After years of tempting fate by jamming more fabric than I ever should under the arm of my sewing machine, trying to quilt scrappy little quilts at home, I finally decided to take my quilting up a notch and collaborate with pro.

So, today, I took my latest quilt top to a professional longarm quilter whose identity I will reveal in my March 23 craft column. The experience was pretty cool. However, I had to fight the urge to ask to take over the controls. Seriously, I really, really wanted to take control of the 14-foot machine and do the quilting myself. Don’t get me wrong, she was doing an excellent job and I would have surely made a mess of it. It just looked so fun to doodle large swirls with thread all over the quilt.

In the end, I didn’t ask to try it because:

A) It would have been a tad ridiculous given the fact that I’m paying her to do the quilting.

B) It wasn’t worth the risk of possibly breaking her machine, or the public humiliation of having to disclose that event publicly in my column.

C) I probably never would have left her basement.

D) It would have surely fueled a new obsession with quilting machines.

Truth be told, I’m already kind of obsessed. I started entertaining the idea of someday buying one about five years ago and even floated the idea of my dad getting into long arm quilting. I know, it’s a bit of a stretch given the fact he has no interest in quilting. But I love fiber art so much that I often find myself matching up people I know with the craft I think suits them best. (It’s silly, I know.) Unfortunately, my father doesn’t share my crafty vision for his future. Ah, well, maybe he’ll come around… (I’m kidding, Dad. I respect your decision not to become a longarm quilter.)

Check back here March 23 for more quilt photos and to read about the talented mystery quilter who is transforming my quilt from average to fabulous. I can’t wait to see the finished quilt.

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