Still Time to Enter "For The Love of Letters" Giveaway

by jennifer


It’s been a couple days since I checked the P.O. Box and was very happy to get some more fabulous mail today. A talented woman named Billie Jean from Sparta, Mich. sent me a letter AND a fabric postcard. How great is that! Wow. And I got another wonderful letter from cousin David. He really wants me to find letters when I open that P.O. box. He even has is mom (my aunt) writing me, too. (Love it! Thank you!)

I got the mail this afternoon, but resisted the urge to tear into it until after the kids went to bed. I sat on the couch by the fireplace, cozy under a wool blanket I wove several years ago and slowly read each letter, savoring the stories each contained. When I feel better I will write more about the experience of receiving this wonderful mail. For now, I’ll simply share that reading these letters warmed my heart. Seriously, there’s nothing like reading words on a page written specifically for me. If I wasn’t feeling so green around the gills right now, I would stay up all night and try to write everyone back in a single sitting. I’m feeling that inspired. But sadly, it’s going to take me a little more time to respond. Tonight is one of those rare nights when I will make sleep my ultimate priority and get my resistance back up. I need to be well to keep up my hectic schedule. (See mom, I’m finally learning to respect the importance of sleep.)


But before turn in I want to show you this awesome card I received a few days ago from Heidi in Jamaica Plain, Mass. It was made by machine stitching layers of fabric onto a note card. I have tried this in the past, but not this successfully. Very nice, Heidi. Thank you.

Okay, if you’re feeling inspired to get in on the contest, here’s the info again:

WIN THE BOOK! Be sure to enter this week’s contest to win one of two copies of Samara O’Shea’s book. All you have to do is write a letter about what letter writing means to you and send it to my P.O. box (address below) postmarked no later than Feb. 29. (Check out episode 69 if you missed it.) I will call upon Samara’s letter writing expertise to select the winners. Are you a letter writer? Did you ever receive, or send a letter that changed your life? Send me your story for a chance to win a book and have your letter scanned and published online. Please write: “For the Love of Letters” on the envelope so I know your writing to enter the contest. Please include your e-mail address so we can reach you quickly if we need to.

Jennifer Ackerman-Haywood
CraftSanity Podcast producer
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