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Last week, when I watched the kind gentleman at the post office show me how the P.O. box system works, I have to admit I was kind of hoping there would be a letter inside my box when he turned the key and swung the metal door open for me to peer inside for the very first time. Even though I had just rented the box minutes before and there was no possible way that anyone could have sent me a letter that quickly, I couldn’t help but feel hopeful.


I know it’s totally ridiculous. But I’m totally ridiculous when it comes to getting letters in the mail. I absolutely love it! LOVE IT!

Somehow, I forced myself to wait six days before checking for mail. I was absolutely dying to check before that, but I didn’t want to jump the gun and look the next day and feel all foolish and deflated for checking it too soon and finding no mail.

So yesterday was the big day. I went to mail a package and check the box. I may have holding my breath when I turned the key. And there were two letters waiting for me. Awesome! If you played back the post office security footage, you would probably see my smile grow bigger than my face. I was that happy.

The very first letter was a wonderful surprise. It was from my cousin, David, who lives in Illinois. This was surprising because I had no idea he was reading my blog. So when I received a lovely letter from him, I was thrilled. This was particularly cool because we have not been in regular contact and basically only see each other at weddings and funerals. Opening his letter triggered memories of two great trips my family took to visit his childhood home in southern Illinois. I remember catching fireflies in his backyard and learning to ride a three-wheeler and shoot a BB gun. It’s amazing how words on a piece of paper can trigger the mind to play back the tapes of one’s childhood. So, David, if you’re reading, know that you rock and will be getting a letter back from me. I wrote it today.

The second letter was from a talented stranger named Kristen from Ambler, PA. She sent me “Snail Mail: A Happy Little Book” which, you guessed it, I LOVE. She made this little book out of recycled pages of a Paper Source catalog (which now I feel compelled to get), writing a sentence or two about herself on each page. So clever!

By paging through the book composed on scrap paper, I learned that Kristen has a degree in English education, but now works as a photographer. (She’s good. Check out her work.) She’s determined to learn to crochet “something respectable” by her 27th birthday and perhaps a little apprehensive about turning 30. (Don’t worry, the 30s rock more than the 20s for loads of reasons.) She has been listening to CraftSanity since episode 12 and appears amused by the way I say my A’s. On the last page she glued a cute, olive green envelope to the last page and stuck an orange handwritten business card in there. So of course I checked out her blog.

She also sent a decorative paper “doo-dad” (pictured above) with a handmade fabric flower stitched to it. I think that’s pretty great too and will likely use it to embellish the pages of a book Abby and I are planning to make together.

Had I known I could get mail this interesting, I would have rented a box years ago.

Today I received two more lovely letters. One from Fanie in Montreal and another from Melissa in Sacramento. So I have some letter writing to do this weekend. How fun!

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!

P.S. Here’s the address for those interested in snail mail correspondence.

Jennifer Ackerman-Haywood
CraftSanity Podcast producer
P.O. Box 888192
Grand Rapids, MI 49588-8192

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