Fabric Scraps Are Delightful

by jennifer


The girls stayed in their PJs all day today because it was just that sort of day. Abby was feeling a bit green around the gills (again), which made me feel a little green around the gills, too. And even though she missed out on making “friendship mix” (I’ll tell you want that is in a bit.) today in preschool and didn’t get to go the Y, she was a pretty upbeat about being under the weather. When she realized that I was really keeping her home from school today (after a sleepless night of illness), she settled in with her new square sketch book and a bowl of crayons and got to work. She’s into drawing little creatures with circle cheeks and flowers that look like dandelions that have turned to seed.

She definitely wasn’t her usual boisterous self, but she did jump off the couch at the chance to play with my bin of fabric scraps with her sister. In and effort to get a quick crafty fix before heading to work, Abby and Amelia “helped” me design and stitch the tops of about a dozen or so quilted coasters. It’s funny because of all the things I make, I somehow seem to be able to slip into that creative zen zone the fastest when I piece scrap fabric. I work quickly, placing strips of fabric together and then deciding “yes, it works,” or “no, it doesn’t” and then I move on. I especially enjoy watching what happens when I ask the girls to “design” a coaster. I love watching what colors they pick and have been pleasantly surprised by their selections on several occasions. This also a fun way for Amelia to practice recognizing colors. And there’s something really great about hearing a small child say the word “turquoise” in a way that seems surprising even to them.

I didn’t get far on this project today, but it felt good to work briefly with the fabric scraps. They’re the most liberating pieces of fabric to work with. Since they’re just little bits and bobs and leftovers, I’m never worried about wasting them on a poor design choice. I seem to reserve that craft stress for situations when I’m working with fabrics measuring a half yard or larger. : ) While I enjoy sewing the pieces of fabric together, I think the ironing may have been the most relaxing part of today’s craft session. I don’t know what it is about ironing, but I find it rather calming. I love pressing the seams of a patchwork piece open flat and then flipping it over to get that first look at how it shaped up. So fun.

Okay, before I sign off, I have to tell you about friendship mix. It goes like this: All the kids in the class bring a cup of their favorite cereal to school to contribute to a big mix. All the cereal is mixed together and redistributed for each child to eat and enjoy. I think this would make for an interesting way to make Craft Club trail mix with the folks I hang out with on Tuesday nights. Hmm…

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