Airmail from Australia

by jennifer

It’s been a little hectic around here lately. So hectic, in fact, that I forgot about mail delivery today. Usually this is one of the highlights of my day, but today I didn’t even ask my husband if he got the mail as I always do. So, I was mighty surprised when I came in the door and spotted an airmail package on the counter from Beth in Australia.

The customs tag on the package detailed the contents as: “apron.”

My sassy apron swap pal is from Australia. Awesome!

I couldn’t tear into the parcel fast enough and was delighted by the lovely hand appliqued apron that I found inside.

Beth wrote a lovely letter that tells the story behind the apron that was inspired by the drought the folks in Melbourne experienced last spring. You can read more about that on Beth’s blog. The reverse side is blue with two clouds embroidered on it, which is particularly symbolic given the flooding that has occurred recently in the Murray-Darling river system that was plagued by drought.

I’m very impressed by the construction of this apron. Beth used the reversible apron pattern from Lotta Jansdotter’s “Simple Sewing” book, but there’s nothing simple about her design. There are pockets hidden behind the tan print fabric and the appliques are really something to see. The photo above doesn’t do them justice.

The best part of receiving this apron is that my daughters absolutely love it. “Mom, there’s an animal on there!” my 2-year-old said, quite delighted by that blue-eyed sheep. Yep. We’re digging this apron. Thank you so much, Beth! Very nice work!

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