My Mom Rocked This Crocheted Mario Pattern

by jennifer

We love handmade gifts here at the CraftSanity Headquarters, so it’s no surprise that Abby was thrilled to received a crocheted Mario on her 8th birthday from Christy Ackerman, my mom and Abby’s “nana.”

My mom made this excellent gift on an extreme deadline using this awesome pattern posted for FREE on the Wolfdreamer blog.

I told my mom about this pattern the week before Abby’s April 23rd birthday. I was busy weaving a house with all the kids at her school, so mom grabbed her crochet hook and got to work. Crocheted Mario is a man of many pieces, so his completion required a lot of late nighters. As a budding crafter and crocheter, Abby really appreciates all the effort that went into making crocheted Mario. She loves him and says he has moved into first as her favorite Mario toy. Yay!

High five, Mom! Now I know where I get my late-night crafting skills. : )

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