CraftSanity Episode 118: Sue Hausmann Shares The Story Of How She Stitched Her Way Up The Corporate Ladder

by jennifer

Sue Hausmann says sewing is a life skill. And after you listen to her story you’ll understand what she means.

As a young mom, she sewed everything for her family from housewares to matching swim suits her family of six. She also sewed to earn extra money doing alterations out of her home. Years of practical sewing experience and a passion for the craft eventually lead Sue into the workforce where she excelled at hooking budding sewists on the craft.

Tune in to CraftSanity episode 118 to hear how this Midwestern seamstress used her sewing skills, Tupperware sales experience and supermom powers to canapult herself into the corporate world where she went on to become the Executive Vice President Consumer Motivation at Husqvarna Viking and the host of “America Sews” a show that aired on PBS in the U.S. until last year.

At age 67, Sue also knows a thing or two to say about reinventing oneself after corporate downsizing. Now she travels around with the country giving independent workshops and continues to inspire people with her passion for sewing.

I appreciate Sue’s vast sewing knowledge and the way she validates the fabric stash.

“Most people call their fabric “stashes” or “stash,” but I call it my collection because collections are supposed to be enjoyed,” she said. “And you don’t have to do anything with your collection. You don’t know stamp collectors who lick stamps and put them on envelopes. You don’t know spoon collectors who stir coffee with their spoons. Rarely do I find a pattern worthy of something in the collection. Usually, if I want to sew, I have to go buy new fabric.”

Aren’t you glad you’re not the only one?

If you’re local, you can meet Sue at her upcoming West Michigan workshop. Here are the details:

Sewing workshop with Sue Hausmann

When: 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Aug. 21.Where: Comfort Inn Suites, 350 Dodge St. in Comstock Park
Cost: $40 including lunch
Buy a ticket: Advanced registration is required. Call 616-361-5484 or go to Smith-Owen Sewing & Quilting Center, 4051 Plainfield NE, in Grand Rapids to buy workshop tickets.

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