A Mini Working Vacation Reveals That I Might Want To Try Taking A Real Vacation

by jennifer

We’re back from a very short camping trip to Holland State Park. It wasn’t exactly a relaxing vacation because I worked every day we were there, which is completely my fault. I’ve been stuck in workaholic mode for months with no one to blame but myself.

So what did I do? I kicked back in the camper and wrote my newspaper column and then spent 2.5 hours sewing the flower applique down on the third panel of my ArtPrize quilt.

Somebody please stop me from swinging from the chandelier. :)

Thankfully my family is patient and I stopped working long enough to make two trips to the beach and take two excellent hikes through the state park (which gets a resounding thumbs up from the Ackerman-Haywoods).

I realize that there are benefits to going on a real vacation, the sort most people take during which they leave work and obligations behind. The trouble is that I’ve been too busy to plan for one of those this summer. It’s ridiculous, I know. Don’t do this to yourself and remind me not to do it again either. Some serious changes are on tap once I get out from under this latest pile-up.

Note to self: Just say no to overcommitment from this day forth. : )

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