Crafty Summer Reading Part 1: One-Eyed Monsters

by jennifer

Hello! I’m back from a short and lovely vacation with the family and excited to catch up with all of you. I’ve been working on lots of creative projects and will be sharing those is posts sprinkled out over the course of the next several days. A new podcast is in the works, too.

I brought some crafty reading along on my last trip to the beach. You can read short reviews of the books pictured above in my most recent art and craft column.

All these books are great, but I have to say my daughters and I have had the most fun with Carla Sonheim’s book Drawing Lab For Mixed Media Artists: 52 Creative Exercises to Make Drawing Fun. The book is intended to help adult artists get their drawing mojo back and gain expertise through “experimentation and play,” but I decided to share it with my daughters who draw with all the passion 4- and 6-year old artists can muster. They’re so inspiring.

I bought a new set of blank notebooks and we broke them in with a colored pencil drawing session on the front porch. We did the one-eyed monster prompt on p. 74. So very fun! (Thanks for the inspiration, Carla!)

Here are our one-eyed monsters…

When Abby saw my drawing, she said: “Mom, you’re an artist!”

“We’re all artists,” I said.

Smiles all around.

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