Can I Meet You In Seattle?

by jennifer

Okay, podcast episode 114 is in the bag. We just have to update the blog and do a couple other behind-the-scenes maneuvers. But first I want to tell you about the exciting opportunity I will get this summer to participate in the Conference of Creative Entrepreneurs, Aug. 13-15 in Seattle, Wash.

I will be speaking on a panel about podcasting with Diane Gilleland, a.k.a. Sister Diane, the producer of the CraftyPod podcast and Becky Stern, associate editor for Craft and Pretty cool, eh? I can’t wait to meet these talented women in person.

I’m also going to host a CraftSanity LIVE event during which I will attempt to do one of my long-winded interviews in front of a live audience with audience participation. Can I pull it off? Meet me in Seattle to see for yourself. I have to admit there is something about doing a live event that scares the daylights out of me. That’s why I have to put on my apron and do it. And something tells me that if YOU, dear CraftSanity listeners, turn out for this event, we can make this one of the best episodes ever. So bring a project and settle in for the first-ever CraftSanity LIVE. It it goes well, we might be there for hours… :  )

Kudos to the event organizers for putting together an impressive list of speakers. (Check out the full list here.) And thanks so much for including me. I’m still not sure how I got on the list, but thank you.

I haven’t been to Seattle since I was 5. So I’m open to suggestions about what I MUST see during my stay. And please do let me know if you’re planning to make the trip. I hope to craft sanity with you in Seattle. Register by June 1 and get the $225 three-day early bird rate.

Okay, enough shameless self-promotion, I really need to get back to work.

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