More Bead Love… This Time From My Daughter

by jennifer

My little Amelia was my special guest at last month’s Craft Club meeting at the Y. She was having a rough day and not feeling like playing with the other children in the kids’ play area. She’s been having some separation issues lately and it rips my heart out every time I have to walk away from an upset child. So sometimes I just don’t.

On this particular night I gave her a hug and let her pull up a chair to the craft table hoping the other moms in the room wouldn’t mind. That’s when Amelia surprised me.

I was working on beaded pins and she asked to stitch with beads, too. At age 4, she’s already quite fond of stitching with scrap fabric and embroidery floss, but we had yet to introduce beads. So, my little sweetie, the child who has been clinging to my leg when I try to leave her, sat quietly through an entire adult craft session and stitched beads to a piece of muslin. I’m sure there was some fidgeting that went on, too, but I don’t remember that part. I just love what she made. 

Her random beaded stitches are beautiful to me and so much better than a tearful goodbye. I’m so thankful for times like these.

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