Four Years And Counting: Another Birthday for CraftSanity

by jennifer

Four years ago the very first episode of CraftSanity was released into the world. My husband uploaded the show and added it to iTunes while I headed into to the office for my first day back at work after my second maternity leave. I was feeling emotionally torn about whether or not going back to work was the right thing and wondering how the world would respond to my first foray into a the wonderful world of podcasting.

Nothing was certain. But it all worked out. I eventually left my day job to become a freelance writer, but continue to podcast and love it. The photo I took of a skein of yarn I personified in my kitchen morphed into an actual logo (with help from my talented bro-in-law, Andrew) and eventually a registered trademark. I knew things were getting serious last summer when I invested in a branding iron to burn the CraftSanity name into the side of my new line of handmade wooden weaving looms .

So much has happened during the last four years and I’m so grateful to those who have cheered me on along the way. I wouldn’t be doing any of this stuff without the love and support of husband, Jeff, the guy who handles the tech part of this operation. And I would have quit this gig long ago if not for the encouragement and kindness I’ve received from you, dear blog readers and podcast listeners. Thank you so much for tuning in and sticking with me on this creative journey. It’s been an absolute blast and I can’t wait to see what happens next. Thank you so much! 

Writing a book is next on my goal list. Now I just have to buckle down and write my proposal. And when I can get my book project off the ground, I’ll have a very good reason reason to travel around and craft with you lovely people in person. Wouldn’t that be fun? So keep your fingers crossed folks, and feel free to mention my book aspirations to all your publisher friends. :  )

If you want to hear more about how CraftSanity got started, tune into Alison Lee’s CraftCast podcast. She was very kind to invite me on as a guest during a recent episode. Thank you so much Alison! You can subscribe to CraftCast via iTunes. So go check it out.

Program note: CraftSanity episode 112 will be released on Wednesday. To tide you over check out today’s craft column about running a handmade business.

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