Crafting On Deadline In The Name Of Dance

by jennifer

It rained most of the day Friday in West Michigan. The wind was worse than the rain. And while I don’t care much for wind and rain combos, it woke me up. This sort of weather demands our attention. It heightens our senses behind the wheel and encourages us to move faster when we get to the part where we have to get out of the car.

Like most Friday mornings, I was suffering from a craft hangover. I stay up late every Thursday night to prep for the TV craft segment I do on a local morning program. This week my deadline craft project was to make felt treat-or-treat bags. (I’ll be posting the video and directions this weekend.) When I got done with the segment, I was exhausted. But the rain inspired me to continue running on the craft treadmill. Instead of going straight home, I stopped at the fabric store to get fabric to make tutus for my daughters who were gearing up for “parent watch” day at ballet class later in the afternoon.

I had been meaning to make them tutus for years, and it made sense to do it for this special day of class in front of an audience. I used a combination of glittered tulle, sheer polyester and a package of elastic to make them new ballet skirts perfect for twirling.

It came down to the wire, but the tutus got done.

I probably could have  benefited from a nap, but then I would have missed the rush of crafting on deadline on a cold rainy day and watching my daughters twirl like little princesses in handmade “fancy skirts.” I hope they always dance… even if it’s just in their kitchens.

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