CraftSanity Episode 104: A Conversation with Knitter Sally Melville

by jennifer

Sally Melville has been on the knitting scene for years, demystify the craft for all the rookies and self-taught knitters she cheerfully coaxes along at her workshops.

Tune in to this episode of CraftSanity to find out how Sally became a knitwear designer and author years after she discovered the wonderful world of knitting as a 7-year-old Brownie.

“It just felt like what my hands were meant to do,” she said about her first foray into knitting. “I was really good at it right from the first day.

“But you don’t have to find it young,” she reminds people. “My daughter didn’t start knitting until she was 24. It doesn’t matter when you find it. It’ll find you.”

Sally recently co-wrote a knitting book with her daughter Caddy Melville Ledbetter, called “Mother-Daughter Knits: 30 Designs to Flatter & Fit,” which I highly recommend.

Melville, 59, of Ottawa, Ontario, has published five books since 1998 and will be in West Michigan Sept 14 and 15 to teach workshops hosted by the Threadbender Yarn shop. (You can read the column I wrote based on this podcast interview on my newspaper blog.

Whether you knit or not, there’s something for everyone on this episode that touches on the creative process and knitting through grief.

So grab your latest project and settle in to enjoy Sally’s story.

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