Check Out My Fall Leaves Tutorial Over At Petite Purls

by jennifer

School has started and the fall color change I love so much is just around the corner. I can’t believe fall is almost here and I have quiet mornings three days a week with both daughters in school. Sometimes I just want to hit the pause button to slow down this fast-forward life I’m living. And that’s probably why I take loads of pictures and make time for slow crafting.

Before the back to school rush, my daughters and I collaborated on a fall project in honor of my  favorite season. Cooking up this fall project was a bit hectic because I was also simultaneously working on my newspaper dress. But with a bit of help from my sister, Jacquie, I finished my 60-inch stuffed felt tree and more than two dozen embroidered felt leaves.

The result is a softie leaf tutorial published in the current issue of the lovely online publication Petite Purls. I never intended for the project to get as big as it did, but I had fun making the giant tree and assortment of personified leaves and can’t wait to use it to set the scene for fall here at CraftSanity headquarters or maybe a local library or school. Hmm…

Petite Purls, co-edited by Allegra Wermuth and Brandy Fortune, contains a mostly knitting patterns. But for this issue, they decided to expand the offerings to include crochet and sewing.

The second issue just went live today, so I haven’t had a chance to look at everything yet. But I really like the cover pattern for a cheerleader shirt. So cute! Head over there and check it all out and be sure to let me know if you have any questions about my softie tutorial.

And here’s a program note for all of you lovely CraftSanity Podcast listeners… Illness has preempted this week’s podcast, so look for episode 105 next week. I expect to have my normal voice back by then. Thanks for your patience.

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