Let the Bidding On Aprons Begin!

by jennifer

I’m excited to report that we raised more than $1,600 for survivors of domestic violence at the CraftSanity Apron Show opening Friday night. Nice job, everyone! The great news is we’re not done yet. Today begins phase two of the apron auction and sale. You can bid on the aprons below by following the links. If you’d rather buy an apron outright, there’s a variety available in Safe Haven’s Etsy shop, so check them all out. And thank you so much for helping me raise money for this cause.

Okay, folks, it’s time to shop! Click on the photos below to view the eBay auction.

Apron 114 by Peggy Patterson of Grand Rapids

Apron 117 by Laura Bartleson of Caledonia

Apron 124 by Jaye Lapachet, of Daly City, California

Apron 128 by Martha Thompson of Middleville

Apron 129 by Elaine Burgtorf of Caledonia

Apron 130 by Elaine Burgtorf of Caledonia

Apron 132 by Yvette O’Strander of Ada

Apron 148 by Cindy Martinie of Hudsonville

Apron 149 by Judy Ritz of Wayland

Apron 156 by Barb Leegwater of Grand Rapids

Apron 157 by Barb Leegwater Grand Rapids

Apron 169 by Linda Bos of Hudsonville

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