CraftSanity Episode 97: A Chat With Grand Rapids Urban Experiment Creator Rob Bliss

by jennifer

Rob Bliss bills himself as a just a regular guy. But his ability to use Facebook to mobilize people of all ages to participate in urban experiments is nothing short of intriguing.

I met Bliss, a Grand Rapids Community College student, at the Chalk Flood he hosted in April. My daughters and I were among thousands of people who gathered downtown to doodle on the sidewalk that Saturday afternoon and we had a blast. It was a real kick to see so many people ranging from kids to professional artists coloring the city streets. And we were all there because of Rob Bliss. He invited us and secured 30,000 pieces of free chalk. He announced his plan on Facebook and then waited to see who showed up.

The Chalk Flood was his most recent urban experiment, but there have been others. He’s invited people to dress up Santa and hand out candy canes to strangers. He hosted a massive pillow fight downtown and a zombie walk, too.

Bliss was in rush to get to class when I interviewed him, but I suspect our short chat will be enough to inspire you to think about mobilizing people for a little harmless fun in your community, too. (If you’d like to share your urban experiment ideas, please leave a comment below, especially if they’re crafty or involve aprons.)

Also, Rob and I talked about ArtPrize, which is offering a $250,000 top prize.

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