Crafting with J. Schwnake on JTV in Grand Rapids

by jennifer

Pardon my sagging apron. I had no idea it was doing that. I was too busy geeking out on the felt flower craft J. Schwanke and I made yesterday during a taping  of a JTV webisode. I’m the new craft expert for J’s uBloom floral design website and got to co-star with him on this webisode.

We’ll post directions for the felt flowers as soon the segment is ready for broadcast on the web, so stay tuned. I was pretty obnoxious in the behind-the-scenes footage, giving out ridiculous advice about makeup and such, so that will be a real trip to watch if it ever makes it to the web.

I’m thinking that next time (assuming J invites me back on his show) I’m going to wear my hair exactly like his. It’s not like I want to steal his signature look or anything. It’s just that his hair stayed perfectly in place while mine was flying wild, and a bit uncooperative for the lovely stylist who was doing her best to make this Plain Jen look good in front of the camera. So I’m thinking the best solution is to grease my hair to a point like J. Hmm… that would be a pretty wild webisode indeed! On second thought it might be easier for me just to wear a hairnet or something. Ha!

As if being on the segment wasn’t fun enough, I left with a sweet T-shirt and loads of flowers. Thank you to J and the talented crew for making the taping so fun! What a blast!

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