CraftSanity Episode 93: Translating the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act with the help of Manhattan Institute Senior Fellow Walter Olson

by jennifer

The Consumer Product Safety Commission issued a one year stay of enforcement Friday postponing most requirements of the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act that requires testing for lead and other toxins for all products intended for children 12 years old and younger, but this doesn’t mean crafters are in the clear. The commission action simply postpones the massive crackdown until Feb. 10, 2010, but it doesn’t change the language of the law.

Tune in to this special episode of CraftSanity featuring a talk with Walter Olson, senior fellow at the Manhattan Institute, a New York think tank. Olson, who has written several books and advised political candidates, is best known for his work on the American litigation system. He has recently impressed legions of crafters with his informative CPSIA posts on his Overlawyered blog and in informative articles (Part 1 & Part 2) for Forbes.

This interview was recorded two days before the commission issued a stay of enforcement, but Olson’s analysis is still relevant because he highlights key flaws with the law that will drive up the cost of doing business dramatically for handmade business owners if left unchanged.

The stay of enforcement gives crafters more time to educate government leaders about the importance of preserving safe handmade options for kids.

Episode 93 Sponsor: A special thanks to Nostalgems for sponsoring this episode of CraftSanity. Nostalgems is an online shop featuring jewelry-making kits and finished pieces at Check back soon for information about a special Nostalgems V-Day giveaway.

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