Stitching With Rocky Hardcore, An Impressive Daredevil Who Knows How to Use a Needle & Thread

by jennifer

rocky-me.jpgI’ve stitched with a lot of people, but only recently did I get an opportunity to craft with a daredevil.

Today my GR Press column is about Rocky Hauri, aka Rocky Hardcore. He’s a 53-year-old stunt man from Owosso, Mich. who embroiders the uniforms he wears to crash cars. I met Rocky at the Thriller! Chiller! film festival here in Grand Rapids.

Rocky was in town to promote “Hell Drivers: America’s Original Crash Test Dummies,” a documentary that traces the history of stunt driving and features Rocky and other modern-day daredevils. I worry too much to enjoy stunts that can result in serious injury, but I got over it when I learned about Rocky’s embroidery skills. I can’t help but respect a man who can jump a car over a school bus and then embroider a photo of the stunt on the back of his uniform. That’s undeniable talent and totally hardcore.

Check out this short video clip of Rocky talking about his art.

And here’s a trailer for “Hell Drivers: America’s Original Crash Test Dummies”

Thanks Rocky! It was a pleasure to stitch with you!

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