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It’s been far too long since my last update, but I’ve had some important work to do for my family and the college students I advise. It would take me a long time to recap the events of the last couple months, so I’m just going to skip ahead and tell you that I’m working on a new issue of CraftSanity Magazine. It will include projects, recipes and stories I love. There is still room in the issue, so let me know if you have a inspiring story or project to share. I’m still doing interviews. : )


Speaking of interviews, I miss producing the podcast and it sounds like some of you miss hearing new episodes. Let me know if you have any thoughts on this topic. I’d like to get it going again, but want to make sure there’s still an audience for it. If that ship has sailed, I’ll get to work building a new ship.



We’ve been enjoying some beautiful winter days here in West Michigan. I don’t enjoy driving on snowy roads, but I love photographing the West Michigan landscapes dusted with white.

I’ve missed this space and it’s good to be back. I have many projects to show you because I never stopped crafting during my unplanned blogging break. Making stuff is like breathing for me. I have to do it. Included in this post are photos of some of the random embroidery and twilling projects that I’ve been sneaking in when I can. I’d stitch all day long if I could.

If you want learn more about what I’ve been up to, you can check out my Instagram photos. I post photos there almost daily because it’s quick and easy to fit into my life.

Okay, I have a difficult column to write, miles to run and stuff to organize so I better get to it. Enjoy the day and leave me a comment below about what you’ve been up to. We have some serious catching up to do.

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