Knitting A Harry Potter Scarf While Editing An Amy Butler Podcast, The Wait For Both is Almost Over

by jennifer


I started knitting this Harry Potter scarf a couple years ago and put it aside about three stripes in. I’m not sure why I didn’t finish this thing because I’ve found it very relaxing to pick it up again. I’m knitting in the round on size 7 circulars, so I can mindlessly stitch until it’s time to switch colors. I just love projects that don’t require me to concentrate, so my mind is free focus on other things like editing the audio from my interview with designer, Amy Butler. Yes, this means I’m very close to finally posting this long-awaited interview. And I’m very excited about this because many, many listeners have asked for a CraftSanity episode featuring Amy.

After our recent chat, Amy followed up by sending me a HUGE box of Amy B. goodies. So prepare yourself, people, because this next giveaway is going to be loads of fun. There will be chances to win fabric, patterns AND Books! I know, it’s totally out of control, so I suggest you check back often during the next couple days to find out how to enter to win some fabulous stuff. Don’t ask me how I’ve managed to resist the urge to lock myself in my room and sew every pattern in the box.

Apparently, I have more self-control than I thought, but I’m not sure how much longer I can hold out. Must get prizes to winners ASAP! Okay, time to go tape the podcast intro… the goal is to post the podcast this week.

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