Nothing Like A Lovely Quilt to Get Me Blogging Again

by jennifer

Today my husband returned from his Grandmother’s house with one of the best crafty surprises ever. His dear, sweet grandmother started this quilt a long time ago and decided to give it to me to finish. The girls and I immediately took it outside for a quick photo shoot.

It’s about a third of the way to be being a king-size grandmother’s garden quilt. It’s all hand pieced and delightful. Grandma H. also sent along several flowers she made and never got around to

The mix of color and prints is absolutely fabulous and I consider it a great honor to have the opportunity to finish the quilt she started even though it may take years. This gem was accompanied by a wicker basket-full of pieces.jpghexagons cut from a variety of lovely vintage fabrics. I haven’t dove into the basket yet, because I’m supposed to be straightening up the house right now and know that I would end up stitching instead of I open that basket one more time. It’s just sooooo tempting!

What a lovely day this is turning out to be. Thank you Grandma H! : )

I apologize for going silent on you folks these last several days. I never intended to take a blog vacation, but that’s kind of what happened. I need to get back to cleaning my house for dinner guests, but I couldn’t wait to show you all this great quilt.

When I have more time I will update you on how Tuesday’s Community Quilt Bee festivities went and a few other crafty happenings that I want to share. I will also be announcing the winners of the latest CraftSanity giveaways.

I just taped three new podcast episodes with wonderfully talented ladies. Those of you who have been asking for an Amy Butler interview will be especially happy with the next batch of shows. Wink, wink.

Okay, time to clean. I’ll be back soon, as in by tomorrow. Promise.

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