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by jennifer

alicecover.jpgThe girls and I ran several errands today and ended up at the public library near our home. I made my usual 30-second pass through the new book section to scout for craft books. On my way back to collect the girls from the children’s section, I passed a display of featured books, memoirs mostly.

I didn’t plan to read a book today, but I left the library with “About Alice” by Calvin Trillin, a long-time staff writer at The New Yorker. In that wonderful way that a great book changes the course of one’s day, I got completely caught up in the lovely way Trillin writes the story of his late wife and muse, Alice Stewart Trillin.

I didn’t know as much as I should have about this talented couple before reading this book. But Trillin broke me down by the end and I struggled to read the last couple pages, my vision blurred by tears. What a beautiful story. Read this book if you haven’t already.

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