Rare Birds, Great Mail

by jennifer

pobox.jpg I never know what’s going to happen when I check the P.O. Box.

Sometimes there’s mail, sometimes not.

I always hope I have mail, but prepare myself to see an empty box just in case. It’s really quite silly, but I’ve always been this way about mail.

So when the family made a quick stop to check the ol’ PO box last night after dinner at the local diner, I was delighted to find a key in my box with lead me to a bigger box where a large envelope waiting for me.

This is what was in side:



I know, aren’t they awesome?! They’re limited edition silk screen prints by Texas artist Nick Ramos. As if the prints aren’t amazing enough, he sent along the nicest letter thanking me for producing CraftSanity. My goodness, Nick! You’ve overwhelmed me. Thank you!

The girls LOVE the prints. I was going to have them framed and put them in my office so I can see them when I’m recording my all my shows, but they are making a case for having them displayed downstairs where they can see them all the time. I may just have to compromise and put one in my office and the other downstairs.

It continues to amaze me that super talented people like Nick listen to the show. Wow. It’s my absolute pleasure to inspire and entertain you with my quirky antics. Thanks so much for listening!

Speaking of the podcast, I’m hoping to get the next one out the door this weekend, so stay tuned!

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