CraftSanity Episode 81: Author Kimberly Winston Talks About Spirituality and Craft

by jennifer

anglican-rosary.jpgPrayer beads are just for Catholics, right?

That’s what I used to think before reading “Bead One, Pray Two: A Guide to Making and Using Prayer Beads” by Kimberly Winston. Thanks to Winston’s book my ignorance on this topic has been completely exposed and I now know that plenty of non-Catholics use prayer beads.

kimberly.jpgTune into this episode of CraftSanity to hear Winston, 44, of chat about her enlightening book that traces the history of prayer beads and their use as part of many religious traditions. Drawing on her background as an award-winning religion writer, Winston weaves historical information together with a collection of prayers and instructions for making your own prayer beads.

Even if you’re not a big religion junkie, there’s still something in this podcast for you if you believe the act of making art and craft is in some way a spiritual experience. So grab your beads and settle in for a nice long chat.

This Week’s Project: Download the pdf of Winston’s instructions for making a Basic Anglican Rosary. (Thanks for sharing, Kimberly!)

bead1cover.jpgEnter to win “Bead One, Pray Too.” Post a comment below about what prayer beads mean to you, or share a story about a set of beads you inherited or made. Simply weigh in on the discussion to enter to win the random drawing for a copy of “Bead One, Pray Too.” The deadline is Saturday, July 19, 2008. Good luck!

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