Graduation, 2000 yards, ATCs and Yarn Bombing plans

by jennifer


It was a casual ceremony celebrated with ice cream and cupcakes, but a milestone nonetheless. Today Abby graduated from her first year of pre-school. My, has it been a whole school year already?

Time sure does fly. What a blur. Speaking of blurs, I snapped the photo above over the weekend when Abby was helping me wind balls of wool. She’s pretty good at it.

I swam 2000 yards today before the CRAFT CLUB artist trading card workshop at the Y (I’ll post some pictures later.) and felt good. I’m thinking this is finally the summer during which I will enter the fine sport of triathlon racing. Wish me luck folks. It’s going to be a trip getting used to swimming in open water and then trying to yank off a wetsuit without falling down.

Leanne Prain contacted me recently about a book called, “Yarn-bombing, the Art of Knit Graffiti” she is co-authoring with’s technical editor, Mandy Moore. She describes it like this: “Essentially it will be a compendium of all things knit graffiti. We’re going to feature a bunch of knit graffiti groups – Knitta, Masquerade…and our book will also be an anthology of patterns so that readers can try their own fuzzy graffiti experiments.” As a wannabe yarn-bomber, I think this sounds fabulous. The authors have issued a call for submissions, so don’t miss your chance to get involved.

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