Pretty Paper

by jennifer


* I’m editing my next podcast, but wanted to take a break to post a few photos. Isn’t this stack of scrap paper great? A couple weeks ago I got the opportunity to turn some of this lovely paper into a delightful mini-book with the kind assistance of a Grand Rapids book artist. Tomorrow I’ll post links to my newspaper blog where you can read about the artist and sign up for a free workshop if you happen to live in West Michigan.

Here’s a look at the three signatures that I made for my book. (My photo skills are seriously lacking, but I really dig taking pictures.)


It didn’t take much paper to make this little book, so I’m thinking about whipping up some more of these before Valentine’s Day. Now, I just have to get my hands on some waxed linen thread and I’ll be good to go. Well, except for the complicated part of finding time to be able to sit and make books. Jeff and I have been working all weekend and I’m certain the coming week is going to be off-the-charts busy. So maybe some of you will be inspired to make some books. If you do, please let me know about it so I can craft vicariously through you. : )


*Note: This entry was posted several hours after I wrote it due to technical difficulty. I think it’s about time to upgrade the blog tool. I’m thinking about switching to WordPress or Type Pad. Any thoughts?

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