by jennifer


I dig words. I talk a lot. I write a lot. I like magnetic poetry and those great removable decals that allow you to decorate your walls with an inspiring quote or excerpt from your favorite book. I love the alphabet and assembling words one letter at a time. So text is something I’m frequently trying to incorporate into my projects.

As a journalist, I also love magazines and newspapers and dreaming up new ways to reuse them in art projects. (I especially enjoy using headlines to make postcard collages.) Several years ago I warped a homemade weaving loom I conned my husband into helping me make, and then tried to weave wet newspaper. It sort of worked, but not very well. (See top photo.) I’ve also tried spinning wet newspaper, but have yet to achieve satisfying results.

So, when my friend Elizabeth sent me a link that led me to the work of Dutch designer, Greetje van Tiem, who makes yarn out of newspaper, I was delighted. I wish the artist’s website was in English so I could read more about how she does it.
It’s fantastic work. Check it out.


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