Cape Fear

by jennifer


When I look at this pile of fabric and ribbon I see potential. There’s the potential for wild success and equal potential for devastating failure. It sounds dramatic, but there’s a good reason to pause as I size up these materials that I’m going to attempt to fashion into a cape. I’m either on the brink of a satisfying project or, possibly, the edge of a major sewing disaster. My gut is telling me there will be no middle ground on this one.

It helps that I bought the wool on sale for 60 percent off. So if I screw this up I won’t be wasting as much money as if I paid full price. Regardless, this is an interesting place to be – floating in that limbo of possibility.

The paper pattern pieces are cut out and ready to go, and I can’t wait to try on my finished cape, but yet I hesitate to get started. I’m just not ready to pin them in place and make that first cut. Perhaps courage will meet me tomorrow evening at my dining room table where I hope to pick up my heavy silver shears and SNIP!

I’ll officially commence this project and see where the sewing gods lead me.

Check back here tomorrow for CraftSanity episode 64.

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