A Bit of Whimsy

by jennifer

Montana weaver Kathy Wishnie sent me this picture of a doll she made her friend for Christmas. I like the way she combined weaving and crochet techniques to achieve a whimsical finished piece. (I love the dress and little felt shoes.) I weave and crochet, but this is a combination I have never attempted. It kind of got me thinking about other techniques that could be combined. Frankly, I don’t think people mix mediums enough. I know I don’t.

Wishnie spends most of her time weaving tapestries and landscapes, but changed it up a bit with this doll that she embellished with many clear glass beads intended to represent dew drops. This piece was inspired by a summer trip Wishnie spent hiking in the Seattle area. I hope it inspires you to mix it up a bit.

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