I'm a Geek.

by jennifer

I’ve been wanting a new sewing machine for a while and have been trying to decide between a Janome and a Bernina. The limited research I’ve done has lead me to believe that those are the top two brands to pick from. (All you sewing aficionados feel free to weigh in on this. I’ve regretted previous sewing machine selections and need all the guidance I can get.) Anyway, I thought a new machine would be an excellent way to mark my 31st birthday which is rapidly approaching, but my husband, Jeff, the tech expert who works to make this podcast happen, had another idea.

He bought me an iPhone.

I know, you can’t make anything anything crafty with an iPhone, but you can take pictures of craft projects, read craft weblogs, listen to crafty podcasts, pull up directions to the closest yarn store, e-mail crafty friends and call your mom with it. I was very resistant to making an iPhone part of my life at first. But then I caved. I’m not proud of myself. I would have had a much easier time justifying spending the money on a new sewing machine. If you’re interested in reading about how I fell for an iPhone, check out the piece I wrote for the Geek Guide technology blog my husband writes for The Grand Rapids Press where we work together to earn money to buy food, technology and craft supplies.

And just because I feel obligated to include something really crafty in this entry, I searched the web for a good iPhone cozy pattern because I haven’t had time to cook one up myself. I didn’t find an iPhone cozy pattern, but I did find this. Someone’s mom was inspired by all the hype and knit an iPhone that is intended to be a toy for children. If I ever make a toy iPhone, I’ll probably do it out of fabric. (Largely because I’m still on a sewing kick.) So, my search for a cool iPhone cozy pattern continues…

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