Fabulous Felt

by jennifer

I just paged through an advance copy of “Interweave Felt” magazine, a special issue from “Interweave Knits,” and found some lovely projects inside. The magazine features great projects for all skill levels ranging from easy felted beads (LOVE those.) and cookie cutter needle-felted shapes (LOVE those, too.) to a more complex needle felted lily beret and felted fair isle bag — two projects I won’t likely have the time to ever try. This special issue hits U.S. newsstands July 17 and will retail for $7.99. Keep reading for a little preview to tide you over until then.


I especially enjoyed the article on page 28 that Jack Lewis wrote about designer Marta McCall. Talk about talented, this woman essentially paints with wool. And you can, too. Turn the page and find the pattern for Marta’s bold and delightful floral “Weekend Getaway Satchel.” (LOVE it, LOVE it.) If I had the time to make this I would most definitely load that baby up with portable craft projects and haul it all over town. Thank you kindly, Jack, for introducing me to Marta and her amazing creations. The only question is this: how much would it cost to buy 30-plus skeins of Reynolds Lite-Lopi to make the satchel? Oh, I love it so…



The “Fat Cat” felted toy design by Kristin Nicholas on page 26 caught my eye during my first quick pass through the magazine. As the mother of two, I know this would be go over big with my little girls. The fabric for this cat is knit in the round, felted, then cut up and sewn back together. But the pattern template would work great for those who want to skip the knitting and use up some old sweaters. Either way, the end product has super cute potential.


I must have skipped p. 20 on my first pass through, but finally noticed Teri Barr’s “Lock Nest Hat” when I sat down with the magazine after my girls went to bed. Check it out. Shaped like an Ikea vase or chemistry beaker, this hat is designed to allow hair to spill out an opening high atop one’s head. This looks so fun to knit. I would definitely wear this hat on winter training runs.

And because I just love to pass the word about recycled craft projects, check out these recycled felt projects from Interweave staffers.

There are several other interesting projects and articles, but I think I’ve said as much as I can without republishing the magazine on my blog and getting into hot water. If you’re interested in felting, it’s worth a look.

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