‘Knit the Alphabet’ Blog Tour Stop: Today Is Sponsored by The Letter H

by jennifer



Hello, friends! Today I woke up at 6 a.m. to knit a giant letter “H.” Why? Well, I got inspired by a new craft book and really got into it. As a journalist, printmaker and lover of all things involving text, I have often thought it would be fun to knit letters. However, I’ve never had time to map out the patterns to do so. Turns out I don’t have to.

Now, thanks to Claire Garland and her new book “Knit the Alphabet: Quick and easy alphabet knitting patterns, knitters get to skip to the fun part and cast on. My schedule is nuts as usual, but I committed to writing about this book today because I’m a big fan of Claire’s work. In an effort to make good on that, I pledge to make knitting absolutely mandatory today. (I wish it was every day!) So, between advising my students, reading student work, conducting interviews and driving my kids around town, I will be working on my letter throughout the day. So check back for an update on how it turns out and more of my thoughts about the book.

I’ve only knitted the left leg of the “H” and I’ve already noticed that the pattern is much easier than I imagined. (Thank you, Claire!)

Okay, so check out my Instagram feed for progress updates and then head back here soon for my full review.

I’m so happy that today’s to-do list involves knitting text. Yes! I hope you get to do something fun today, too! : )



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