Yarn Play

by jennifer

One of the perks of publishing CraftSanity Magazine is working with fantastic yarn supplied by my sponsors. Yesterday, Amelia and I visited Rita at the Yarn Hallow headquarters where we were both in for a treat. Amelia, 5, stood on a chair and helped wind several skeins of yarn, while I feasted my eyes on all the bright and lovely sock yarn.

I picked two wonderful colors to test a top secret knee sock pattern for the next issue. Now I’m knitting like mad (on size 1 needles!), trying to meet all my self-imposed production deadlines for issue 2. It’s not lucrative, but this really is THE BEST JOB EVER!!!

Amelia, who doesn’t have kindergarten on Tuesdays, tagged along on all my errands and assignments today. On the way out of an afternoon photo shoot for a story about papermaking, I asked her if she had fun. “I did,” she said, smiling. “I didn’t know your job was this fun.”

It was a good day. :  )

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