We Need to Craft For Our Australian Friends

by jennifer

There’s a massive effort underway to help the survivors of the bushfire that devastated parts of Australia over the weekend killing more than 180 people.  I’ve read the media reports online and the destruction is hard to fathom. According to Reuters, the disaster area is more than twice the size of London and encompasses more than 20 towns north of Melbourne. My heart breaks for the people who have lost relatives and friends and their homes to boot.

Thankfully, my friend Bev and her husband are okay. And it’s no surprise that they immediately stepped up to help others. And this is where we come in. As crafters, we can do what we do best for this cause. Check out these links to find out how you can help.

Kaotic Kraft Kuties This is an art auction and international artists are invited to participate.

Handmade Help – This is a new Melbourne-based craft blog created to track and handmade donations to the Red Cross. Find out how to make a donation or bid on an item here. See the left side bar for updates and postal addresses to send handmade items.

The Toy Society, that secret service of softies, is collecting toys to give to the families, along with the Rainbow Packs.

CurlyPops– Check out this site for craft Bushfire activism and updates.

Here’s a list of links to more relief efforts. And, if you live by Bev and and want to craft for the cause, there will be a sewing bee to make Rainbow Comfort Packs on Saturday. And Bev and her friends are organizing a quilting bee, too.

Please help however you can.

Hugs to Australia.

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