The Couch Makeover Is Complete!

by jennifer

Just in time  for Valentine’s Day, my red, hot couch is finally finished. This was my first upholstery project so I had no idea what I was getting into and still can’t quite believe I pulled it off.

That’s why I must now pause to salute everyone who does this difficult physical labor for a living. You people, are amazing. Seriously.

Several people told me that upholstery work is very physical, but I was like: “Whatever. I work out.” But I don’t train to balance naked couches while pulling fabric super tight and rapidly firing a staple gun. So, this project just about kicked my rear. It made me bleed and swear and wish I had a BFF with loads of power tools.

I flew solo on this mission because I wanted to find out what it was like to go into a project like this blind. As tempting as it was, I didn’t cheat and accept help from the experts who offered.  I wanted to be able to tell the dangerous story of a floundering rookie looking all dorky in ill-fitting safety goggles. And boy did I flounder and look dorky.

I recovered the couch a couple weekends ago during a marathon session where I basically did nothing but eat, sleep and reupholster. When I got the couch done, I didn’t have anything left to tackle the cushions so I ignored them for two weeks. I finally got to the cushions today. It took me SEVERAL HOURS to recover them, but it was worth it. And I’m very pleased with the turquoise zippers I selected to give them some unexpected attitude.

I’ll be writing up the whole adventure for a story that will be published soon in my newspaper, so stay tuned for more details.

And a special thanks to all you lovely people who cheered me on via e-mail and the Internet. It helped to know I had a cheering section when it was time to put on yet another bandage.

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