Enter to Win a Jewelry Charm Kit From Nostalgems

by jennifer

What would you do with these charms? Post your response in the comments below and enter to win a similar Nostalgems jewelry-making kit from CraftSanity episode 91 sponsor, Rina Ward. She will send kits to authors of the five most creative posts. The deadline to enter is Jan. 4, 2009. Good luck everyone!

I made the bird charms above and found them to be super easy to put together. I used “Amazing Goop” to glue two of the bird images in place and skipped the glue on the third piece when I realized that the prongs are strong enough to hold the plastic dome and bird image in place. I always like to avoid toxic fumes when I can. :  ) These little guys would look great on a charm necklace or bracelet, or maybe they’ll end up as new additons to Abby & Amelia’s mini Christmas tree. We’ll see what they think when I show them tomorrow.

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