Mismatch With Wild Abandon

by jennifer

striped.jpgI don’t think there’s anything cuter than a little girl with her own individual style. Check out my little Abby’s getup. She’s all about the stripy tights these days and asking to wear a dress every day. Her color combinations are most enjoyable. (These tights clash with most of her dresses, but worked out swell today.) I thought the Dora sandals were a nice touch. It’s a trip to watch her pick out clothes in the morning. She’s nearly 4 and has a very interesting fashion sense. She chooses what she loves and doesn’t give a thought to what anybody else thinks about it. I LOVE that and wish I could bottle this up and give it back to her when she turns 12. I find her style refreshing and amusing. Today Abby let Amelia borrow a beloved pair of blue polka-dot tights that totally clashed with Amelia’s pink dress, but really made her happy. It’s obvious these little girls are the daughters of a woman who has no qualms about sporting aprons in public and running shoes with business suits. It’s really fun to be a nonconformist. You should try it sometime. : )

Speaking of which, does anyone know where I can get some funky, stripy tights like Abby’s?

P.S. I had a near craft disaster today. Remember all those “happy monster” drawings I’ve been embroidering from Abby’s sketchbook? Yea, well my clutter swallowed them all up today and I thought they were lost forever. (I so have to de-clutter once and for all because searching for lost projects in my house is such a ridiculous waste of time.) Anyway, I found them sandwiched in the middle of a stack of craft books. I don’t really care to know how they got there. I’m just glad I found them. This incident fueled my motivation to continue my effort to get organized. It’s really going to change my life to have a little more order in my home.

Less is more. Time is money. Sleep is priceless. Good night, folks.

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