Who Knew Papier-Mache Could Be So Fun?!

by jennifer


Aren’t these cute? This week my art & craft column is about Natalie Kibbe, the creative force behind Miss Bea Haven’s Originals. I got to see all of Kibbe’s whimsical creations when I interviewed her for the column and was very thankful that I didn’t break anything during my visit. (This was a big worry on my part.)

natalie.jpgBefore I met Natalie, my papier-mache experience was limited to the E.T. pinata I made in grade school. Now that I can see the possibilities I’m inspired to revisit this art form, but I tip my hat to what Natalie can create with old newspapers and recognize that is not going to be a skill I will master.

If you’re a papier-mache rookie, check out these instructions for making a very basic bowl inspired by the one Natalie’s son made for his sister.

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