The Latest Apron

by jennifer
pink apron

Even though I had plenty of other things to do, I couldn’t hold off on this apron project.

And I’m very pleased to report that Meg’s “Emmeline Apron” pattern seriously rocks! The instructions are fairly easy to follow (even on little sleep with two children dangling from me) and produce a very satisfying finished product. This is by far the best arpon pattern that I’ve come across to date.

I cut out the fabric pieces Friday and sewed them together Sunday. While Abby managed the pincushion and Amelia napped, I happily floored my machine.

This is the most involved apron I’ve ever made, but once I got going it went together without incident or swearing. I’m sure the next one I make will go even faster. Yes, there will definitely be more of these lovelies. The apron is reversible which is awesome. The photos of the other side turned out kind of funky, so I’ll have to post another photo at a later date.

Overall, it was great to work on this project in an impatient, creative flurry and enjoy the end result. (Thanks, Meg, for designing such a fun pattern!)

And, of course, I had to test drive the new apron yesterday. I wore it to work (on the reverse side which I will show you later) and no one said a word. The silence can be interpreted in many ways, but I’m going to look at the bright side and assume that people are just getting used to me wearing aprons whenever I want. What fun!

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