Recycled wool potholders from episode 70
From Kristin Nicholas's "Colorful Stitchery" book, download the pdf instructions for recycled wool potholders.

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Fortune cookies from episode 66
Hilary Seabolt made my day when she showed me how to make her delightful felt fortune cookies.

These are very cute and super easy to make.

Download the instructions I wrote up (and she took the photos for) after Hilary schooled me in the art of fortune cookie-making here.

Thanks for sharing, Hilary!

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Print making from episode 65
This week's project: Download the pdf for Alynn's instructions to carve a block and print your own gift tags. (Note: This project could easily be adapted to make Valentine cards.)

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Ski Beanie from episode 63
The folks at Workman publishing were very cool about letting me publish a great men's hat pattern "Ski Beanie" by Terra Jamieson from Stoller's new book. Download that PDF and cast on for your favorite man. I like this pattern and plan to make a couple of these myself.

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Kristin Roach's shower scrub from episode 62
Kristin Roach whipped up a fun crochet pattern for a shower scrub for CraftSanity listeners to try out. Download the pdf. Thanks Kristin!

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Lisa Anne Auerbach's "body count" mittens from episode 61
This Week's Project: A special thanks to Lisa Anne Auerbach for sharing her "body count" mittens pattern. This pattern can be interpreted as either a protest or memorial depending on the creator's frame of mind. Worked into the design is the number or American soliders killed during the time the mittens are made. So cast on and stitch the most socially conscience pair or mittens you'll every make. Download the pdf.

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Amanda Blake Soule's 3D project from episode 60
Download a pdf of a three-dimensional craft project from Amanda Blake Soule's book. Sample more of her book here.

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Anne Landre's text to fabric from episode 59
Download Anne Landre's instructions for transferring text to fabric (PDF). It's the technique she used to transfer the names of the soldiers onto the swatches for the Mother's Day Project.

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Carol Duvall's Craft Letter from episode 57
PDF download of Carol Duvall's Craft Letter Issue #10, Volume 8 from October 1978. This is one issue of the monthly newsletter she mailed to subscribers across the country.

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Cold Process Soap Making from episode 56
Dee Bellini was kind enough to write a Cold Process Soap tutorial, so be sure to check it out. Thanks Dee! Download the PDF.

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Amy Karol's redwork embroidery pattern
from episode 55 (and 27)

This week's project is Amy Karol's redwork embroidery pattern. Download the PDF and here is a of the finished piece.

Listen to Amy is
episode 55 and episode 27

Finger knitting instructions from episode 54
Julie Roth fingerknit
This week's project is going to knock your socks off.

I'm very excited about this one because it involves a lovely story and a giant fabric hand.

Julie uses this fabric hand to teach children how to finger knit. How great is that?! I'm telling you Julie really knows how to whip up a great tutorial.

Download the pdf Julie's beautifully illustrated "Wandering Henry" finger knitting instructions. It's very cute and kid-friendly so please do check it out. I absolutely love it and bet you will to. Thank you Julie!

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Strings of purls pattern from episode 52
Download the strings of purls from Jennifer Stafford. UPDATE: This pattern was available for a limited time and has been taken down at the request of the publisher. Sorry if you missed it.

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Kinky Reggae hat pattern from episode 51
Download the Kinky Reggae pdf. It's a free hat pattern from Afya.

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Spring flowers cross stitch project from episode 49
This Week's Project: Download the "Spring Flowers" pdf. It's a free cross stitch pattern from Heather.

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Stitched cereal box CD case from episode 48
cheer 2
Jessica Vitkus, author of "AlternataCrafts," is sharing her Stitched Cereal Box CD case with us. Download the PDF.

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Wheat paste and paste paper from episode 47

Ellen Knudson supplied us with instructions for making Wheat Paste and Paste Paper. Download the pdf. (Thanks Ellen!)

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Santa Baby Ornament from episode 46

santa baby ornament on tree

As special holiday treat, try out this free pattern from Susan for a festive Santa Baby tree ornament.

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Felt Pillows from episode 45
Felt Pillows by Scott Bodenner found on page 85 of "Craftivity". Download the pdf and give some old sweaters a second wind! Thanks Tsia and HarperCollins for letting me post this project.

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Wine sleeve from episode 43
"I"m a Sleeve to Wine!" project from "Sew Subversive" courtesy of Taunton Press. Download the pdf.

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Key Ring Necklace from episode 42
Key Ring Necklace project instructions from Hannah Rogge's book, "Hardware: Jewelry From A Toolbox" posted courtesy of STC Craft.

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Between the Lines quilt pattern from episode 41
A FunQuilts pattern from Weeks Ringle called "Between the Lines."

Download the pdf

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Measuring tape bracelet from episode 40
A measuring tape bracelet how-to from Janice Taylor's book. Don't stress over measurements when you can accessorize!

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Create your own color story from episode 39
Tutorial by Laura Buzard that will help you become a better designer and make color selections with ease.

Download the PDF

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Cell phone charm from episode 37

Learn how to make a cell phone charm in this tutorial Natalie wrote for the MAKE blog. A similar project appears in the premier issue of CRAFT.

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Velvet ribbon embroidery project from episode 35
page2_blog_entry46_6A sneak peek inside Melinda Barta's "Hip to Stitch" book. The folks at Interweave Press are letting us post her velvet ribbon embroidery project. This is a simple way to add a special touch to a homemade gift. Enjoy!

Download the pdf

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How-to for haiku from episode 33
Marie Kare how-to for haiku

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Artist trading card from episode 31
Artist trading card by Rhonda Simmons

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Pocket Weave Sachet from episode 29
Jane Patrick's Pocket Weave Sachet that is woven on a piece of cardboard. This is a bonus project you won't find in her book. (Thanks to Jane and all the Interweave staffers who made this possible!)

Download the pdf

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Scarf pattern from episode 28
A scarf pattern from Debbie's "Stitch n Bitch Crochet: The Happy Hooker." Thanks to Workman Publishing for letting me post the pattern and photo to the left.

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Polymer clay buttons from episode 26
Polymer clay buttons by Linda Permann

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Poo cookies from episode 25
Poo cookies by Heidi Kenney (it calls for a wild sense of humor and a creative appreciation of toilet jokes... Heidi makes toilets, too.)

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Shibori Scarf tutorial from episode 24
Shibori Scarf tutorial by Betz White. Scrounge up a an old wool sweater and get to work.

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Herbal tea bath from episode 23
Herbal tea bath by Gayla Trail

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Sock pattern from episode 22
This week's project is a sock pattern from Brenda inspired by the Pembrokeshire Coast Path.

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Rustic knitting needles from episode 21
My instructions for making a pair of rustic knitting needles out of twigs. (They're much easier to make than a crochet hook.) I do not knit with twig sticks very often. But it's a comfort to know that I'd be able to fashion some out of a tree limb, unravel a sweater and knit away should I ever get stranded out in the woods without needles. These rustic needles actually look cool as a decoration. So make a pair, and knit a small swatch to leave out on the coffee table as an interactive conversation piece.

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Art sampler from episode 20
Art sampler by me

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Kids pants from episode 19
Kids pants from Kathreen Ricketson

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8-foot tubular hat pattern from episode 18
8-foot tubular hat pattern from Lindsay Obermeyer

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Crochet coaster pattern from episode 17
Pasted Graphic 1
Crochet coaster pattern from me

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Etched Glass project from episode 16
Leah Kramer's Etched Glass project.

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Pentagon Dishcloth from episode 15
Pasted Graphic
Drew Emborsky's Pentagon Dishcloth

Also check out his free patterns for a beverage cozy and other cool creations.

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Three Glue Magnets from episode 14
Pasted Graphic 5
Sister Diane's Three Glue Magnets

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Wonder Under foil surface design technique
from episode 12
Melanie Testa's Wonder Under foil surface design technique.

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Indian Summer Jacket from episode 11
Leigh Radford's pattern for the Indian Summer Jacket first published in Fall 2004 issue of Interweave Knits magazine.

Download the pdf

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Recipe for a Graffiti Knitting Crew from episode 10
AKrylik's recipe for graffiti knitting success.

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Dis-Cards from episode 9
A how-to for paper and fabric in "Dis-Cards" from "Denyse Schmidt Quilts" book courtesy of Denyse Schmidt and Chronicle Books.

Many thanks to Chronicle books for giving CraftSanity permission to post this project from "Denyse Schmidt Quilts." You guys rock!

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Knitted Babe pattern from episode 8
A free pattern for a funky, Knitted Babe dress and accessories from Claire Garland.

Download the pdf

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Embellished Bottlecap Magents from episode 7
An embellished bottle cap magnet how-to from the Crafty Chica (aka Kathy Cano Murillo).

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Headline madness postcard art from episode 6
Headline Madness Postcard Art from me.

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Spirit doll from episode 5
Pasted Graphic
Reclaim your creative spirit with Violette Clark's spirit doll pattern

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Anti Craft Valentine's Day surprise from episode 4
An Anti Craft Valentine's Day surprise from Renée Rigdon and Zabet Stewart from the Anti Craft.

Download the pdf

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Eyeball With Nerve Endings from episode 1
Regina Rioux Gonzalez was kind enough to share her Eyeball With Nerve Endings pattern with us. The pattern will be featured in the 2007 Pattern-A-Day-Calendar, so look for that next year.

Download the pdf

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