CraftSanity Episode 67
A Conversation with Lily Chin
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Tune in this week for a lively chat with Lily Chin, an internationally famous crochet and knitwear designer and champion promoter of both these wonderful art forms.

On this episode of CraftSanity, Lily shares the story of how she got her crafty start and gives us an behind-the-scenes tour of her life as a pattern designer and fashion industry insider. She talks about her experiences crocheting runway pieces for the likes of Vera Wang, Ralph Lauren and Isaac Mizrahi, and even offers her solution for managing a large yarn stash in the Big Apple where abundant yarn storage space is hard to come by.

Lily was named a master knitter by Vogue Knitting International and is the fastest crocheter in the world, a title she defended at the world champtionships in London in 2004.

She's also the author of "Couture Crochet Workshop: Mastering Fit, Fashion and Finesse" in which she demistifies the design process and equips readers with a road map for creating custom garments that fit. The first section of the book contains comprehensive information to educate budding designers and weekend crafters how to go about creating impressive wearables and accessories.

In her own words (p.10) Chin writes: "It is my goal to empower you with the knowledge and ability to adapt and even design from scratch your own ideas, and to fit your garments well."

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