CraftSanity Episode 58
'The Art of Crafts' at BlogHer
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Courtesy photo (from left) Leah Peterson, Amy Sedaris, Natalie Zee Drieu,
Kristin Roach and Kathy Cano Murillo.

CHICAGO - Women rocked the blogosphere at the BlogHer 2007 conference at Navy Pier and I was glad to be a part of it. There were mommy bloggers, food bloggers, exhibitionist bloggers, weight-loss bloggers, political bloggers and many other blogging enthusiasts numbering in excess of 750. While I find many blogs fascinating, I went to meet the art and craft bloggers, the people who make stuff and write about it. People, well, like me.

big sound board
The BlogHer organizers gave me the green light to record a panel discussion called: "The Art of Crafts" on Saturday, so I turned it into a special BogHer edition of the CraftSanity podcast. The audio is straight from the panel discussion sandwiched between an intro and exit by yours truly. (Sorry, I couldn't help myself.) So tune in to hear Leah Peterson moderate a conversation with Natalie Zee Drieu, a CRAFT magazine editor and blogger, Kristin Roach, creator of Craft Leftovers, Kathy Cano Murillo, a.k.a. Crafty Chica, and actress, crafter and comedian Amy Sedaris. These ladies drew a large crowd and kept us entertained. Enjoy!

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