CraftSanity Episode 4:
Craft out your rage with the creators of The Anti Craft.
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Tune in to Learn How to Embrace Your Angst

Renée Rigdon and Zabet Stewart aren't ashamed of their anger. They're so comfortable with it, in fact, that they made it their inspiration for The Anti Craft, their online craft zine where they celebrate the darker side of crafting. You won't find any foo-foo patterns or girlie, girlie designs on their site. What you will find an assortment of cool craft patterns to channel your rage against whatever is that ticks you off.

cheating boyfriends
caddy girlfriends
condescending freaks
materialistic society

It's okay to be mad about this stuff. With patterns like the "Curse Your Boyfriend Sweater," "Snowballs Chance in Hell" and "Flowers On A Grave," The Anti Craft can provide you with plenty of patterns to make you smile despite whatever ails you.

So what's up with these crafting Anti Craft chicks? Are they weird goth girls that hate everything? I'm not going to dignify those questions with an answer, it would only make them more angry. Either you get what they're doing, or you don't. The dark poetic verses that accompany several of the patterns are not for everyone, but neither are other artists' frilly doilies and rainbow dog sweaters. If you must know, Renée, a 26-year-old stay-at-home mom and writer, and Zabet, a 30-year-old graphic designer, are both married Stitch'n Bitch members who craft out their angst in Lexington, Kentucky. They're glad crafting is all rage. They just don't believe every craft has to be cute and perky.

So, forget what society tells you about managing your anger and not making a scene. Bottling it up only leads to bulging forehead veins and heart attacks. Instead of feeling pressure to smile with your teeth clenched while feeling like you just might implode, craft out your angst, discontent, disenchantment or whatever else is stewing inside. Own it. Make it your craft supply. Turn it into something dark and spectacular.

Then write down the pattern and submit it to Renée and Zabet. Who knows, your anger might just be enough to catapult you into one of their upcoming issues. Pretty cool, eh?

Here is an Anti Craft Valentine's Day surprise from Renée and Zabet.

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