CraftSanity Weaving Looms

by jennifer

The CraftSanity Loom collection grew out of my love of the small and portable weaving projects I did as a child. I spent many hours weaving looper potholders on a metal loom and never outgrew the joy I get from weaving squares on small looms.

During the summer of 2009 I decided to improve upon the metal potholder loom design. I recruited Dan Boy, a local woodworker to help me design a collection of beautiful wooden looms ranging in size from small ornament makers, to looms big enough to weave coasters, potholders, placemats, bags and rugs.

Buy A Loom: I sell looms at local art shows and in my Etsy shop. I also do in-person sales for West Michigan residents and those who live on the Detroit-area near my hometown. If you want to buy a loom from me directly feel free to contact me. I always have more looms around than I have listed in my shop.

Learn To Weave: I also offer affordable weaving classes to individuals and small groups. Contact me for workshop pricing information.

The CraftSanity Loom Collection: Here’s a look at the whole loom fleet.

Weaving on the 6-peg CraftSanity Mini Potholder Loom allows you to make sweet mini-potholders that can be used as Christmas ornaments, wedding shower favors, package toppers and super cute kitchen decorations. Price: $18

This 9-peg coaster loom is a slightly smaller version of the 13-peg CraftSanity Potholder Loom and can be used to weave with loopers, fabric or bulky yarn. Use this beautiful loom with grooved pegs to make finished pieces measuring approximately 4-inches square depending on the material used. Price: $20

Use this beautiful Potholder Loom with grooved pegs to make finished pieces measuring 5- to 6-inches square depending on the material used. Price: $22

Like weaving potholders, but looking for a loom that will allow you to create bigger squares? You’re in luck. This 17-peg Potholder Loom is designed to make potholders 2- to 3 inches bigger than the traditional potholder loom and can be used to weave with T-shirt loopers, yarn and fabric. Price: $27

This 26-Peg CraftSanity Loom is great for making bags, chair cushions, patchwork rugs and square table mats. The loom measures 14.5″ on each side and makes a finished piece measuring about 12″ square. These woven squares can be used as table decorations, hot pads or stitched together to make bags, rugs, table runners, patchwork bed coverings, stuffed toys and more. Price: $35

The Placemat Loom is great for making placemats measuring about 14″x19″. The loom can also be used to make woven handbags, pillows and rugs by stitching several rectangles together. Price: $60

This 30-inch by 38-inch Rug Loom was designed to weave rugs using continuous fabric strips. The loom can also be used to make large woven handbags, beach mats and large area rugs or bed coverings when multiple pieces are stitched together. Weaving on the CraftSanity Rug Loom is a great way to turn up-cycled bed sheets, flannel and T-shirts, multiple strands of yarn and even strips cut from plastic bags into rugs to protect and adorn the flooring in your home. Price: $150

What’s Next? I have even more exciting new designs in development, so check back here for the scoop on the newest CraftSanity products.

Thanks so much for stopping by! Happy weaving!